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INTERSTELLAR ERRANDS is a DM-less RPG for 1-5 players who want to have a quick space-bound adventure over breakfast, lunch, or an evening snack. Invent a character, find a planet for them to travel to, and roll dice to find that mystical device for your tiny alien mentor!

The entire RPG fits onto a single-sided page, so you can just print and post it to your fridge door for convenient snacktime play. All you need is a d6, a d20 (optional), and your imagination!

Made for the FRIDGE RPG JAM hosted by ludipe.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsfridge-door-rpg, Sci-fi, space-opera
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hi Josh, I love this setup! What is the license for using this in our own projects or as a basis for other things? Any restrictions? How would you like to be credited?

Also, this is so simple that I'm thinking of using it as a framework to teach children, but there are restrictions on the websites I can send them to. Would it be OK to distribute this directly to them since it has your name on it? I can include a link so the parents can follow up if they want it for their friends - I'm just not sure if I can send the kiddos here on their own.

Thanks! I don't remember if I put this anywhere on the document, but I'm fine with people reusing / extending the dice mechanics with attribution. If you want to reuse actual text or art then maybe message me privately and we'll see.

Distributing directly to kids or students is fine!

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Interstellar Errands is a one-page rpg with a loosely Star Wars-y flavor.

You play by making a few rolls to determine the circumstances of your adventure, then you sit down, eat a snack, and roll on a d6 table, accumulating points from some of the entries. When your points hit 20, you win.

It's honestly an interesting concept, and it comes with a neat piece of art. I definitely dig the idea of a lunch-break trpg, and with console games having long ago figured out how to be portable and bite-sized, it's cool to see a trpg following that same approach.

At the price of free, it's hard not to recommend it---both as a concept game that designers might be interested in, and as a fun accompaniment to what would otherwise be a boring breakfast or lunch-break.

Thanks so much!

No worries. Thanks for writing it!